An introduction to perhaps the best construction team on the planet.

In August 1997, Bernard Dwyer received an Invitation from Sun International Inc to visit Nassau, Bahamas, with a view to providing a suspended access solution for 2nd Phase of the Atlantis development “The Royal Towers” on Paradise Island. The initial requirement was for swing stages (cradles) to the upper perimeters and stick scaffolding (tubing fitting) to the lower perimeter and access to the various shark tanks - value circa $7m. Upon completion of the Atlantis Project and building on the goodwill it generated, Mr. Bruno Roberts joined forces and PHD Group (Bahamas) Ltd was formed providing a relationship with the Bahamas whereby PHD has remained committed to the islands

throughout the economic swings and has provided numerous employment opportunities to Bahamians over the years. Winning the Atlantis project was an introduction to perhaps the best construction team on the planet – a group of construction A-listers brought together by the inimitable Mr Sol Kerzner (the genius behind Sun City in South Africa). The team was headed up by the late Jim Booker (ex-Canary Wharf and Battery Park), as VP; alongside Eric McGovern of Lehrer McGovern (Battery Park, Canary Wharf, Petronas Towers); and supported by a list of standout characters renowned for their achievements on the international construction arena.

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