The World’s Largest Cradle Contract by Volume of Units suspended simultaneously off one structure

PHD in collaboration with ITC from Los Angeles, provided a cradle (swingstage) solution for Dick Build Corp of Pittsburgh on the external façade of the Atlantis for the EIFS (Exterior Insulated Finishing System) Contract. The Atlantis is a building with many architectural features projecting off the façade. The challenge was to gain access to the 26 storey building and it’s various projections without the use of conventional scaffolding. Programme restrictions paid a very large part, and caused us to double suspend some drops. PHD innovated to provide a solution which involved some 94 # cradles and 6 #spider swing baskets being positioned and tandem leaped around the building to some 345

positions (4 moves each average) over a period of 20 weeks. The sheer number of cradles (swingstages) positions suspended simultaneously in the period would indicate that this was one of the largest cradle contracts ever undertaken by the sheer number of Units erected on one structure at one time. Upon completion of the contract the cradles re de rigged – stripped down into 6 containers and moved on subsequently sold on to work on St Mark’s Square, the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas. PHD also provided 4 Mast climber Platforms to the cheeks of the Sky-bridge the first deployment of Cradles on a project in the Bahamas.